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Skating video game

the_darkslide project

The Darkslide is a skating video game currently under development by highly motivated programmers and designers from all over the world.

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Welcome to my website.

You may see here a very outdated showcase section and download area.

I'm currently too busy to take freelance assignments, but as usual, I'm ready to take part in anything that sounds interesting.

And something about me

  • Wonderful communication, charm, passion, creativity
  • Strong knowledge of hardware, and everything that needs electricity to work
  • Relation with programming(deep enough to make machine code do what I want)

I can offer

  • Professional consulting(on every stage of your digital project)
  • Core of the project, security aspects, maximum effectiveness, reducing total cost
  • Be something more than just a developer, simply because I love what I do

Contact information

Tel: +380 63 639 62 04

E-Mail: maxim@des0ft.com

Webdesign gallery and showcase

Web design, User Interface, 3D

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Supaplex for Windows

Supaplex for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Extended clone of Boulder Dash. Small launcher written in assembly(3kb) allows to run the game on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Check it out 158,847 hits

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